LERYCKE ADVOCATS is a law office formed by an enterprising team of professional lawyers trained in the most important and prestigious Spanish and International law firms.

With offices in Barcelona and Palma de Mallorca, LERYCKE ADVOCATS offers high quality legal advice in different areas of the law and specialized knowledge of specific sectors.

The structure and organisation of our company allows us to provide complete, global and integrated consultation and advice. We adapt to the needs of every client and particular case, creating the professional legal team most suited to every case.

Each client will deal with a sole lawyer who will keep him/her directly and continually informed on the evolution of their case. This same professional is responsible for coordinating the work of the specialist legal team, be it related to fiscal, business or employment law, procedural, regulatory or urban development.

On an International scale, our law firm has strong ties with law offices based in the European Union and other English and French speaking countries.

All our lawyers are fluent in several languages, especially English and French.

Our law office is also a member of ALTA JURIS INTERNATIONAL, a worldwide network of independent law firms which comprises over 130 offices and 580 individual lawyers in different areas.

Multilingual and multidisciplinary legal team

French, English, Spanish and Catalan Speaking Lawyers in Ibiza

Business and Corporate Law

Real Estate and Investment tax

Administrative Law

Tax and Fiscal Law

Civil Law

International Law

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Specialised Legal Team

Trained in the most prestigious Spanish and International law firms, our team offers specialised legal advice in their specific areas of expertise; commercial, fiscal, penal, employment, procedural, urban development or regulatory law. 

Tailor-made Advice

We assign a lawyer directly to each client and for the duration of their legal case, ensuring a seamless communication channel and a personalised service whereby every case is treated with utmost exclusivity.

Time Investment

Our legal team takes on every case individually and with a compromise to invest their time, energy and legal expertise to ensure our clients get best possible outcome in the less possible time

Long-lasting Trust Relationship

We conceive the practice of law as a relationship of trust between the lawyer and client, a core ingredient to building any successful, professional working relationship.

High Added-value Services

If there is an extra legal service that can be provided, we will. We aim to give our clients more information, more regular communication, more time investment and less paperwork, with complex and imaginative solutions, in order to resolve every claim, dispute or issue in the most effective manner possible.

Solid Client Base

We are proud to have created a long standing relationship with our clients and our solid base of repeat customers is our most valuable asset, a reflection of the trust afforded us and the dedication we invest.

Efficient Structure

We believe that our size affords us more room to collaborate and less to manage, while we can work individually with some clients, we can also pool our resources and expertise whenever necessary and offer the client a joint platform of legal advice.

French Speaking Legal Team

Fluent in French as well as English, Spanish Castilian and the regional administration language, Catalan, we are fully equipped to advise and represent legal cases locally, nationally and on an international level.